Identify Gaps in Your Salesforce Reporting During a Complimentary Training Session
Learn Salesforce Reporting Best Practices from Our Expert Consultants

Your First Step to Effective, High-Level Reporting

Get a step-by-step action plan to achieve your Salesforce reporting goals at no cost to you. 

Reporting is one of Salesforce’s strongest assets. Taking full advantage of Salesforce reports and dashboards requires an awareness of the key metrics that will support company leadership, accurate data and knowledge of the configuration steps.

In this training offer, we will briefly evaluate your current Salesforce reporting. We’ll then walk you through how to achieve your reporting goals in a live training. 

Our free training bundle includes:

  • A brief review of your Salesforce environment. 
  • A live custom training session with one of our certified Salesforce consultants, based on your goals and current configurations.
  • A summary document outlining the gaps in your reporting and along with next steps for reaching your goals. 

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